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Sporting Events Transportation

When traveling in a large group, hiring a charter bus is the least stressful and most relaxing way to get from place-to-place. Whether it's a road trip or merely a trip around town, if you have a bunch of friends, family, or even a sports team headed to a sporting event, Rent-A-Bus USA will gladly assist you in finding the perfect bus rental.

With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in procuring and arranging only first-class bus charters for any group, of any size, for any event. Rent-A-Bus USA has formed solid relationships with bus operators all across the United States. Additionally, the value of our services comes from our strict dedication to securing our clients' safety, which means we only partner up with the best and most reputable chauffeurs in the industry. 

Sporting Events Transportation

While the reputation of a bus operator is very important, the type of bus they operate is just as crucial to guaranteeing your satisfaction. This is why Rent-A-Bus USA has made it a policy to only partner-up with charter companies that operate newer-model, luxury Grech buses. If you've never ridden in a Grech bus, then you and your guests are in for a big treat. Grech Motors manufactures some of the most stylish and luxurious buses on the market. 

Rent-A-Bus USA works closely with Grech Motors and the Grech Owners Group on a national level to ensure each one of our clients is provided the ultimate charter service, as well as an awesome experience all the way around. Rent-A-Bus USA keeps fleets on standby for those seeking first-class transportation services. Each Grech bus is immaculate and operated by the most well-appointed chauffeurs. 

Rent-A-Bus USA has over two and a half decades of experience of safely moving large groups of all sizes and we're excited at the chance to be a big part of your event.

The Benefits of Renting a Bus Charter

Depending on what your event entails, large groups that need to move about can benefit in a few different ways from hiring a chauffeured bus.

Hassle-Free Road Trips

When it comes to road trips, we're usually heading into uncharted territories. For those in charge of driving and navigating such excursions, the road trip ends up not being as enjoyable as once anticipated - and quite stressful as well. That stress is compounded when a large group is traveling in separate vehicles, each on continually struggling to keep the caravan together and preventing stragglers from getting left behind. There are some who argue that such chaos is merely a part of the whole road trip experience. 

However, there are times when you want to enjoy the sights, savor the company of your teammates, and see all the things new environments have to offer without the stress and hassle. 

If this is how you envision your future road trip, Rent-A-Bus USA guarantees our bus operators will keep everyone in your group together and accounted for all throughout your road trip. Most importantly, if your group is a team headed to a sporting event, you want your players to have plenty of legroom to stretch out and relax. The only thing left for you to do is sit back, enjoy the coziness of your seats, partake in the offered amenities, and fully enjoy the company of your teammates and friends. 

Feel a Sense of Security and Safety

Not only will you experience a lower level of stress during your road trip, but you will also be provided with a sense of security and peace of mind knowing you're in the care of a professional. Though you're most likely unfamiliar with the areas you will be exploring, your knowledgeable chauffeur will know the roads well and knows exactly what they're doing and where they're going. 

For the most part, bus chauffeurs know all about their areas of operation; they know which parts of the city are the safest for travel; they know what sections of highway are under construction; they know many alternative routes if the need arises. Furthermore, bus chauffeurs must undergo extensive road safety training, pass rigorous background checks, and pass regular, random drug and alcohol screenings. This way, Rent-A-Bus USA is able to guarantee that you're in the care of a highly skilled, fully trained, and trustworthy operator. 

You will be able to chat with your friends, family members, or business associates comfortably or simply kick back and get some shut-eye. Despite what is commonly assumed, hiring charter buses aren't expensive at all. This fact holds especially true when traveling in a large group, where each person can contribute to the overall cost. 

When using multiple personal or company vehicles, it's more difficult to keep track of costs as individuals may use the vehicles to do things outside of the group activities. In addition to that, charter buses offer significantly more comfort, luxury, and convenience than personal or company vehicles. 

For those who are concerned about the environment, Grech buses use diesel engines which emit far less CO2 and greenhouse gases (GHG) than gasoline engines. 

Experience Your Next Sporting Event Transportation In Style and Luxury

If you're planning to enjoy some sightseeing on the way to your next sporting event, leave it to Rent-A-Bus USA to connect you with the best bus tour providers in the region. Our nationwide private bus tours feature a number of great destinations. 

If you're planning a sporting event of any kind, leave all the hassle of finding a high-quality bus charter up to Rent-A-Bus USA and let a professional chauffeur do the driving. 

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