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Government Transportation

Government transportation has undergone paradigm shifts in recent years based on the need to reduce costs, foster efficiency, increase security and respond to unexpected occurrences. Surprisingly, bus rental has become the transportation of choice for government agencies in federal, state and local governments.

At Rent-A-Bus USA, we offer just-in-time bookings of buses across the United States for all types and sizes of groups through our carefully vetted affiliates. We use high-end Grech buses exclusively. Government groups and military members can travel together to conferences, security meetings, and inspection tours secure in the knowledge that their transportation will be the ultimate in style, luxury safety, and efficiency.

Government Transportation

Benefits of Government Bus Rentals

Bus travel delivers some remarkable benefits for government travel such as a stress-free experience, lower overall costs and environmentally friendly travel. Imagine going to a conference on reducing energy in a fleet of gas-guzzling Hummers and personal vehicles. Taking the bus, your whole working group can maximize their productivity while they travel. Some of the key benefits of bus travel for government groups include:

Accurate Routing and Planning

Our teams have experience as professional planners and trained chauffeurs. They know how to get through traffic, plan the best route to your destination and change plans on the fly when unexpected detours and traffic backups occur. Buses have access to disembarkation points that are more convenient than those available to other forms of vehicle traffic. Buses qualify for express lanes, shuttle services, expedited unloading, and other benefits.

Streamlined Travel and City Navigation

On the bus, nobody needs to worry about parking, tolls and garage fees. Everyone on board can use the travel time productively to answer emails, work on projects or review notes about the trip. You get where you're going without needing to make detailed itineraries or relying on GPS to negotiate heavy traffic, construction detours and blocked traffic.

Cost Reductions

Buses save money when compared to all other forms of transportation including personal vehicles, trains and planes. It costs more to run a bus, but if you have 50 people, you'd need 10 cars to transport everyone. That means 10 times the car allowance, parking costs, tools and incidentals. Bus travel always emerges as the least expensive way to travel.

Greater Safety and Security

Our bus transit staff are professionally trained chauffeurs who are used to meeting the needs of demanding clients. They're trained in transit safety techniques for your protection. Each team member is trained in safety first, and buses are safer than other vehicles statistically. Depending on the level of government and your travel purpose, there could also be security concerns. It's easier and cheaper to provide security for one bus than multiple vehicles.

More Interior Space

Grech buses are made for comfort, luxury, and extended personal space. Each person in your group can work efficiently while traveling or get to know other members of the group socially before a big meeting or event.

Eco-friendly Travel

Government agencies are subject to monitoring by citizens' groups and watchdog committees. It's important to set a good example of how your group uses resources such as reducing energy usage and pollution. Buses generate less pollution than cars per person, use less fuel and generate less traffic.

Unparalleled Personal Experiences

Fostering staff comfort has become an increasingly big issue in corporations and government offices. A luxury private bus rental can deliver unparalleled personal experiences such as curating time to bond with others, creating opportunities to enjoy scenic views and providing extra hands for taking photos of your trip. These simple benefits can prove invaluable in delivering great employee experiences.

Safety Net

Our national network enjoys resources throughout the country to manage any problems that might occur during travel. You'll enjoy a safety net that equals or surpasses any available resources for group travel in the United States.

Military Group Travel

Military groups are a special subset of government travel. Active military members and veterans often choose to attend special events and travel between bases and airports. We offer comfortable buses and more than 25 years of experience in serving government and military groups. All our Grech buses meet or surpass every safety standard for transporting DOD clients, service men and women, and veterans across the United States.

Challenges of Maintaining Your Own Bus or Fleet

The costs of investing in your own bus or fleet can prove impractical. The time and costs of maintenance and upkeep are also big negative factors. You can book a charter bus when you need it, and you don't have to worry about mechanical problems, downtime or your bus being used by another department. Just-in-time service makes it easy to book bus travel for your group when you need it without any hidden costs or resources conflicts.

Our Safety-first Philosophy

Statistics show that bus travel is the safest and cheapest way for groups and individuals to travel. The bus industry in the United States moves more than 750 million people annually. Safety also depends on your carrier company and its policies. The DOT increasingly cracks down on companies with poor safety records.

That's why our government-targeted bus rentals make sense because we must meet the high safety standards of the federal government as demanding customers as well as all ABA regulations. Our skilled chauffeurs graduate from the most intensive training programs, receive ongoing educations in safety and learn how to provide concierge-level service for your government or military group.

Professional Chauffeurs with Your Charter Services

Rent-A-Bus USA uses experienced bus chauffeurs instead of typical bus drivers for its bus charter services. These experts are skilled in managing complex problems, fostering comfort and managing security issues that ordinary drivers don't typically face in their jobs. We believe strongly in the values of experience and professionalism, which is why we only use late-model, top-of-the-line buses from Grech. We can help you plan your group travel for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Duty of Care

At Rent-A-Bus USA we take your security and safety very seriously. We adhere to national and safety practices designed to offer you a safe and pleasant experience on the road. Our mission is and will always be to provide more than premium transportation solutions.

We understand that doing things perfectly every time is the ingredient for an amazing passenger experience. We thoroughly vet all of our potential partners before we agree to work with them, and we only partner with bus companies that operate late model, high-end Grech buses, equipped with the best amenities.

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