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Well Maintained Coaches and Buses

Impeccably Maintained Buses

We only partner with bus companies that operate late model, high-end Grech buses.

Professional Drivers


We have a professional, courteous, friendly team of background checked drivers to provide the best transportation experience for our customers.

Ultimate Comfort and Features

Ultimate Comfort and Technology

All of the bus operators that we partner with adhere to highest standards when it comes to comfort and amenities.

Save Money and Time

Save Money and Time

Sit back and allow our team of experts to find you the best transportation at the fairest price possible through our nationwide network of top-rated operators.

Cities We Serve in Iowa

Iowa Charter Bus

Traveling alone seems more straightforward than traveling with a group, but this is not always true. Rent-A-Bus USA is committed to proving that group traveling has never been easier. We have a large fleet of modern, high-end, and fully insured buses waiting for a spin. Our experience of over 25 years has taught us that the way you travel can make or break a trip. That is why all our vehicles have a premium feel, lots of space for luggage and equipment, and plenty of amenities to try. Instead of getting fatigued from all the driving, fighting traffic, or hunting for parking spaces, let your certified chauffeur handle the roads.

Every year we are working with tourists, business owners, and wedding planners to turn their trips into memorable experiences.

When you are in Iowa, choose to travel safely, comfortably, and in style with our Iowa Bus Rental services and count on Rent-A-Bus USA to enhance your journey.



There are so many unique places to see in Iowa, that it could be hard to check them all out by yourself. Whether you are planning a family vacation or a day trip with your friends, take the luxurious Iowa Charter Bus everywhere you go. Schedule your day or the entire vacation step by step. Your professional chauffeur can take you to admire the impressive architecture of the State Capitol and spend a day in the beautiful capital of Des Moines. You can then head to Pikes Peak State Park to hike and gaze into the breathtaking views. In the meantime, you can enjoy the luxurious interior and free time to catch up with your group.

Choose to travel safely and comfortably with Iowa Mini Bus Rental if your group is smaller and enjoy the same premium traveling experience.


Whether you have a long road ahead, or you are in town for a convention, meeting, or social outing, punctuality and professionalism go hand in hand. With Iowa Meeting & Event Transportation, you can ensure that your clients and employees arrive on time, but also have a great experience while traveling. There is no need to increase the stress on the day of your event. Now you can travel easily and safely if you plan ahead.

Tight schedules can be handled professionally. Impress your clients and employees with a luxurious ride from the airport to the hotel and event venue or book an entire day and travel with ease. Our specialists will pair you with the best vehicle that suits your needs, so everyone can sit back, relax, and loosen up before the big event starts.



There is nothing more special than the day you celebrate your love by saying “I do”. The midwestern charm of Iowa is ready to sweep you off your feet, so prepare to be amazed by Iowa’s rolling plains, historical homes, and enchanting forests.

Creating unforgettable memories is our priority for your wedding day. That is why, when it comes to transporting your guests, we like to make things easier. Make sure everyone arrives on time safely and comfortably, without any delays, and hassle-free.

Choose our Iowa Wedding Transportation charter bus for your guests and offer them a ride to remember. They will definitely appreciate the spacious and luxurious interior, paired with premium amenities and a professional chauffeur that handles the roads, ensuring everyone arrives safely at the venue. Check transportation off your list by booking one of our Iowa Group Transportation buses and let your guests enjoy the scenic drive and create memorable experiences.

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So, are you ready to secure your transportation needs with our Iowa group transportation services? Just talk to our Rent-A-Bus USA customer service team to get started. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a hassle-free ride experience every time.

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When you work with Rent-A-Bus USA, we'll explore all the details about your meeting, event or excursion. We'll discuss the number in your party, logistics from start to finish, and any special needs of your guests. Then we will work together to select a vehicle from our fleet that suit your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for parking and/or tolls?

Rent-A-Bus USA does not include parking fees, bridge tolls nor road tolls in your quote. All of these fees/costs are the responsibility of the customer.

What if my trip runs longer than expected? What if it is shorter?

The cost of your trip is based on the itinerary that was provided to Rent-A-Bus USA at the time of booking. If there is additional time added to the trip, you will be responsible for covering the cost.  If the trip winds up ending earlier than expected, there is no refund provided for the time that was not used.

How do you handle itinerary changes?

Generally, we can accommodate just about any change to your trip with enough notice. When changes involve moving up, moving back or postponing your trip, this is generally handled as a cancellation and the trip will need to be re-booked. If this is the case, Rent-A-Bus USA will use every effort to waive cancellation fees on re-booking as long as there is availability, we are using the same operator/partner and the total cost of your trip remains unchanged.

How can I pay?

Rent-A-Bus USA accepts Visa, MC, AMEX, PayPal, ACH, checks, money orders and wire transfers.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due 30 days before the service date. Trips booked within 30 days of departure require full payment at time of booking.

What is the refund policy?

Your deposit is fully refundable up to 31 days prior to your service date. If you cancel service within 30-15 days prior to departure, you will forfeit 30% of the cost of the trip. Any service cancelled within 14-7days of departure will be assessed a fee of no more than 50% of the trip cost. Any service that is cancelled within 7 days of departure will forfeit the full amount of the trip cost.

What type of deposit is required?

Deposit amounts vary according to the length of time in advance that the trip is booked. Most frequently a 30% deposit is required at the time of reservation with full payment due 1 month prior to charter. If you have specific questions, please just let us know and we would be happy to answer them for you.

What is the booking process?

Once you have submitted a request for a quote, the Rent-A-Bus USA team will get to work for you. Once we have successfully met all of your criteria and you decide to move forward with us, you will be required to sign a reservation confirmation as well as make a deposit when booking your order.

Do I need to provide meals for the driver(s) on charter/over-the-road trips?

You do not need to provide meals for the driver(s).  We include a daily “per diem” charge of $75 (per driver) in your quote to cover meals for the driver(s) while on the road.

Do your buses have air conditioning and A/V capabilities?

Yes, all of our buses have air conditioning and audio/visual capabilities. If the A/C unit is not functioning at the time, the client will be informed beforehand so they can make a change if desired. If you have special audio or video requirements, please notify us in advance.

Do I need to provide a hotel room for the driver(s) on charter/over-the-road trips?

Yes, typically it is the responsibility of the client to book a room for the driver(s). Often times a hotel will include a complimentary or discounted room for the driver(s) if you have a large group already booked at the hotel.

Is alcohol and/or smoking allowed on board?

Smoking is not allowed under any circumstances on any Rent-A-Bus USA vehicle. If you want to bring alcohol onboard, please let us know ahead of time so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Kegs and glass bottles are prohibited. We may require refundable and/or non-refundable deposits/cleaning fees and we will clearly advise you of this at the time of booking. Any cooler(s) brought onboard will need to stay clear of the aisle.

Do you have buses that provide accessibility options?

Yes. We absolutely have buses across the nation with ADA accessibility options. Please request that at the time that you are looking to book with Rent-A-Bus USA.

If I don’t need the bus for the whole day, do I still need to pay for it all day?

Typically, most bus operators will have a 4 or 5 hour minimum on bus rentals. However, there are some instances where we can offer a ‘transfer rate’ that is less than the typical minimum if you have a one-way short trip (i.e. Airport Transfer). Our team at Rent-A-Bus USA will be happy to quote your request and answer any questions you may have.

Is a Mini Bus able to travel long distances?

Typically, most operators will not allow a minibus to travel over 100-150 miles outside of the city they operate in. Mini-buses are not built for long-distance travel which makes the ride less comfortable for passengers. We recommend going with a motorcoach for any trips that are longer in duration…oftentimes the price difference between a minibus and a motor coach isn’t that substantial, but the comfort difference is considerable.

Will my bus look like the one on your website?

The buses shown on our website are examples of the buses we charter. We are very highly selective of who we partner with, in the markets that we operate in, and all of our operator partners have high-end, late model buses in their fleets. No exceptions. If you have a specific question about a certain bus and its look or layout, just let us know and we will be happy to provide more specific details for you.

How Much Does Renting a Bus Cost? How Much is it to Charter a Bus?

Charter Bus pricing varies based upon the size of the bus, the specific trip that you are looking to do as well as the duration of time that you will require the bus. The Rent-A-Bus USA team will be happy to quote your request and answer any questions you may have.

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