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Work & Play: 4 Charter Bus Tips for Corporate Travel

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Airline tickets for corporate travel can be pricey; especially when there is a large team traveling multiple times a week throughout the year. In some instances, a charter bus for a corporate trip makes perfect business sense.

Here are 4 tips for ensuring that your corporate business trip goes off successfully.

Tip #1 – Wear Comfortable Clothes

When it comes to business bus travel, casual comfort is key. Dress in a way that’s going to keep you comfortable for the entire trip. Remember, charter buses can be cold, dress in layers to ensure comfort.

Tip #2 – Set Productive Goals

Be prepared to work and collaborate with the team when the time comes. If you’re leading the group, make sure you set 1-2 big goals for the team to accomplish before arriving at the final destination. Unconventional business travel may spark new, innovative ideas.

Tip #3 – Electronics and Chargers

Remember to pack your must-have electronics and don’t forget chargers and power cords.

Tip #4 – Take Time to Relax

After work goals have been met; take time for yourself to relax and enjoy the view. This would be a great time to read a book that you’ve been carrying around or better yet, listen to some tunes on your phone. Looking to host a group activity? Bring your favorite yet appropriate DVD movies for the whole team to watch.

Want to learn more about how to charter a business bus for your next corporate travel trip? Call to speak with one of our Rent-A-Bus the experts!


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