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Color Selections for Your Fall Wedding

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A lot goes into planning a wedding. Guest rarely understand the headwork that goes on behind the scenes. Wedding Planners are often subjected to the fluctuating demands of the soon-to-be-weds and understandably so as they are plagued with pre-wedding jitters. Are you having a hard time making wedding day decisions? Take a deep, breathe, and remain calm. You are not the first bride and groom to go through a myriad of thoughts and feelings. Rest assured your wedding day will be one to remember for years to come. 

Since we are on the subject of calming clarity, let's discuss your wedding theme. The most crucial factor of your wedding theme is the color scheme of the entire affair. If you're having a traditional church wedding; nothing tops the stately black offsetting than white. However, for the souls who are likely to experiment with color and wish to avoid the conventional route, the following list can prove to be quite a help. 

The fall wedding color trends for 2019 and beyond have grown diversely as more individuals prefer unique colors.

Emerald Green & Blue

Whether you love a deep navy blue or a sapphire blue, the popular suit color has never looked better contrasted with emerald green. Its vibrant appeal can be paired with numerous accent colors, that enlivens the theme.

Marigold & Violet

A more energetic take on the season's colors, the level of brightness can be dialed up or down to set the theme of your glamorous wedding perfectly. 


Purple is turning into a popular color for wedding parties with its unique tone and its ability to mesh well with other shades. Purple, when used as a single color, delivers a playful, yet mysterious vibe and presents an enchanting view. 

Sage Green & Cranberry

A unique spin on a traditional fall color scheme, this palette is still warm and inviting, not to mention extremely complimentary. You can also consider customizing food items in this shade or use cranberry-colored flowers as a backdrop. 

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