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Church Bus Considerations


Should the Church BUY? or RentABus? or Hire?


What once was conventional wisdom, is no longer. Our economy has changed and so has the buying and usage considerations changed dramatically.


Churches have been purchasing buses since the early '80's. As many of you know that purchased them, in hindsight, those early ones  certainly were not very refined, either in finish, or overall quality, yet they satisfied the need to carry people around in something that was nicer than an old school bus without air conditioning.


Many churches also have purchased big rear engine pusher type coach buses. Those for the most part, became maintenance nightmares that the church was stuck with because they couldn't sell it, and it was just so big, they couldn't just dispose of it.


Bus technology has somewhat plateaued over the past decade. Many churches now own buses that they purchased 10 years ago. They are still decent, nice buses, but only have 5,000 or 15,000 miles on them. Was the $60,000 purchase a good idea now that it is about time to trade in, or sell? The cost per mile ends up being quite high.

If you fall in this category, and desire to sell your bus, please let us know. We have a large network  that we work with. It is likely we can point you to a buyer, or we may consider buying your bus ourselves.

I know of a church that paid just over $62,000 for a 25 passenger bus in 2003. Today it has 7000 miles on it.

That's a cost of nearly $9 DOLLARS per mile!

Another church spent $58,000 in 1996. Their bus has 60,000 miles on it after 14 years.

That's a cost of $1/mile

AND, These costs don't include maintenance and insurance!!!

Consider that they could have spent $1500 each summer for a 1 week rental, over the course of the past 6 years that is only $9,000. In addition, each time they rented it, it would be a new bus, rather than a slowing aging bus.


Please contact us for a quote, and request that we bring RentABus to your area.


After considering the numbers, you will very likely find that renting makes more sense than buying. We also realize this goes against traditional thinking, and/or what has been considered good stewardship. BUT, look at the numbers. Which is better stewardship?





Jerry K. Remus




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